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Get colleagues to fill out better bug reports in GitLab for GitLab is the best way for non-technical team members to report actionnable issues in Gitlab, without driving developers crazy!

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What is the first tool young kids use to express what they have in mind? A marker. Give a kid a sheet of paper and a marker and you'll gain better understanding of how they view the world. Yet, when we transition into the business world as adult, we're asked to use a keyboard to express what we have in mind. There must be a better way.... What if you could simply use a digital marker on our screen to get a point across, and somehow your feedback would automatically end up in the hands of the right people, in the right tools (..cough... GitLab), with all the technical information needed, without any additional input from you? That's why we created We're on a mission to help project managers, agile coaches and scrum masters make bug reporting and visual feedback easy for their whole team. It’s like using a marker on your website (even kids can do that!), but without driving your developers crazy. Today we're excited to announce our new GitLab integration built by the awesome @denis_hacquin , @olivierkaisin @ @emilevictorp
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By the way, if you have questions, feel free to ask 😉

We use Marker everyday at It’s a great product!


Great product!



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nice and usefull add-on for GitLab !!


Help me to stay focus and more productive.



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As useful as simple. The very kind of powerful minimalist tool I love.
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Marker is super easy to use and integrate in your actual workflow. I can tell that the team is super dedicated improving the product.


Efficient & Smart


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