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Send badass screenshots to Slack, Trello, Github and more

#3 Product of the DayMarch 02, 2016
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Hey Producthunters! Whether you're a founder, product manager, designer or you work at support, it’s safe to assume screenshots play a big part in the way you communicate. When you notice a small bug or see something interesting online, using screenshots just make more sense than using text. But screenshots suck for 3 main reasons: 1. Editing: Adding text, arrows, shapes or simply Emojis 😛🙊😱 can be a real pain. 2. Saving: Screenshots are always saved in weird places like your desktop, leading to what we call desktop flooding 3. Context: They come with little context, making it hard to know exactly where the screenshot was taken Like many modern teams, we spend our days in Trello, Slack & Github. We want visual bugs in Trello, design ideas in Slack, and developments issues in Github. And that’s what Marker is about. It’s a Chrome extension that lets you send badass screenshots with emojis to places like Trello, Slack and Github, so that your teammates can find them when they need them! Curious to hear your feedback! Check it out at Gary ps: Thanks a lot @bramk for the hunt :)
@garygaspar @bramk Nice! My current workflow for this is: CMD+SHIFT+4 --> saves automatically to Dropbox (synced to my Mac) --> find file in Finder, open in Preview --> annotate, rename and save --> drag into Trello card, so this seems like it'll save me a bunch of time! One thing it doesn't seem to do though is to change the filename / title of the screenshot; this is useful when there are multiple images in a Trello card that I need to refer to in a comment or description
Cool Promo Video:
@garygaspar Looks ok but I couldn't create an account with my normal 1password workflow (right click, fill password)...
@garygaspar Nice! I've been using Skitch (bought by evernote at some point) to do this kind of annotation for the past 11 years but these integration options make it even easier. Great find, will try!
@davidvb @garygaspar that, and the oh so annoying buy-in for evernote makes this one a MUST have!
Could you provide just a way to share the screenshot via a link?
@ourielohayon Of course! When asked to chose an app, simply select the button that says "I just need a link". You can always add more apps later :)
Chrome only. Sad trombone.
@jameskoole Thanks for your comment. Yes, it's chrome only ATM 😢. May I ask what's your preferred browser?
@garygaspar Safari is my daily driver. Looks like a great tool, but I don't like to live in Chrome so it would be disruptive to my workflows to have to load up Chrome to snap and share.
@jameskoole Makes total sense, I understand :) Thanks for the kind words anyway
Just tested this out and it's awesome. Is there any way to connect 2 slack accounts?
@melissamonteee Thanks a lot! I appreciate it. Unfortunately, we can't connect Slack 2 accounts. Smart though. I'll make a note right now:)
@garygaspar That would make my life so much easier. I just feel like both companies I'm in deserve my screenshots, you know? haha
I have been using Marker for a while and to me the simple but top USP is that it keeps track of the URL where you took the screenshot, I haven't found any other program that does this! That's so useful when hunting for UX ideas: you can go back to the same websites where there was once something you found interesting to see if things have evolved. Also @garygaspar is really looking forward to listen to customer feedback, he implemented my feedback within one week when I emailed him the first time.
@romainbarissat Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience with Marker and thank you for being so nice :D