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Fans of markdown writing, Marked 2 (second version of Marked) is a slick way to structure, compile, and preview multiple markdown files together.
I still struggle to understand the differences between Marked and Marked 2. This posted explains a bit, but still not sure would drive me to upgrade: http://brettterpstra.com/2013/09...
I should say that I love the original version of Marked, though - great product
I agree—haven't noticed a significant difference between the two versions. I wouldn't consider myself a power user, so perhaps there's more to it for advanced users. Still, a great utility.
Hey, author of Marked here. Thanks so much for the interest. Marked 2 has everything from a rewritten, faster and more flexible file watcher to many advanced tools for writers. Keyword and grammar highlighting, far better word repetition detection, search (with regex) and much more. Here are the initial "What's new" notes, http://marked2app.com/help/Whats... . If you ever have a lot of free time, the changelog details everything that's happened since then: http://marked2app.com/help/chang... . I need to take a break from developing and work on marketing materials :).