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I really like the simplicity of this, which is one of this company's core strength. You don't have to download their Author app to get the same beautiful layouts their app provides, which is great for people who user other markdown apps. I've been using Author since January. And without sounding too cheesy, it's the best writing app I've ever used.
Hi, we made a writing and publishing app called Author a few months ago and now we thought about opening our publishing platform to more people. We want you to experience the new way of independently sharing your content. Almost all Mac users are using markdown editors to write so we elaborate on that, and with this simple web app, you can turn your markdown into the online web page. It is not supposed to be an online editor or writing tool, rather the tool you can use if you need to share your markdown text with someone. It could be one friend or thousands of followers. Check out this example that was published with markdowntoweb: And if you are looking for a better writing solution, check out Author.
@jurajivan Its quick to start. But at this point, honestly speaking, lacks few things to regard as a complete. I just felt, what next when I finished the offering.
Better yet, turn markdown into a wiki