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This is a dream come true for me. Makes writing technical posts on Medium so much easier. Well done Jacob!
@tyvdh Thanks Tyler! So glad it has helped. After converting a single post from markdown into medium, I vowed never to do it again manually 🙌 Thus MarkdownToMedium.com was born.
Pretty simple and on point. Thanks for putting it together! Lovely! <3
I just asked about this on the hemmingway prodhunt the other day. @handythinks suggested that ulyssis was able to do this.
@eonpilot @handythinks there are other things out there that will let you save markdown posts to a gist. The main thing I really wanted was syntax highlighting on Medium which currently has no great solution. For the type of posts that I wanted to write, the non-syntax-highlighted code blocks didn't cut it.
@jacobbennett @handythinks Markdown is so fast compared to formatting via GUI. Solving Code blocks highlighting was the last piece of the puzzle I guess. I don't personally add my blog posts to gists. But I guess converting to Medium requires a gist as there was already infrastructure that supported this? Ideally one would have a repo on github with a bunch of markdown .md files that was synced to Medium on file change. For easy editing typos and updating articles. This is the main pain point for me with Medium. Keeping articles up to date. As I usually write about tech which often changes fast.
@eonpilot @handythinks I suppose the nice thing is that YOU don't have to put your markdown files into gists with this tool, it does it for you! :) As far as updating posts from existing gists OR a repo, I suppose that could be possible if you were also using the Medium API to push posts, but would be fraught with formatting hiccups if you were just pushing them straight in without taking a look yourself first. I don't think Medium would have anything like that at the top of their list with their recent announcements of layoffs either :( Don't think that Developers are their target audience and as such, we have to invent the tools we want to use when it comes to this stuff.
@jacobbennett @handythinks wow, seems like you know your stuff. I'll definitly give it a try. For me jekyll github blogs is the solution. Although I envy mediums network effect. I use an applescript that auto uploads .md files to github triggered by file change. Also downloads if remote changes. Really interested in this space though.
Kudos for solving codeblocks. Was it tricky?
@eonpilot not too bad really. Using a nice little library that does Markdown codeblock parsing. Just had to grab the bits out, do best to guess type of file, then hit the same endpoint to create "sub-gists" if you will. Injecting those gist urls back into the post in place of the code blocks was a bit more tricky though yes.
Wow - just tested it and what an impressively simple interface. Also worth noting it has another app that goes the other direction: Medium to Markdown extension for Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/websto... The cycle is complete!