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Clean, modern & open-source WYSIWYG markdown editor

📖 Markdown Editor
⚡Creating markdown made easy!!
Modern, clean and opensource feature rich Markdown Editor.
Try it on web / also Available for Mac, Windows and Linux as standalone application.
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Hello Hunters 👋🏻 Markdown Editor is a modern, opensource and developer friendly WYSIWYG editor, which features a web version and a native standalone version for mac,windows and linux os. ✨Features 👆One Click Licence, Contribution Guidelines Export 💾Load and Save Markdown to Indexed DB 🚀Copy/Download Markdown with one-click 🌟Auto Save for Markdowns 🌓Dark/Light Mode 🎎Resizable Split UI ✨Assist for Inserting Images/Link 🚅Save Frequently used Contributing Guidelines/Contributors/Licence on to local storage 📬Opens the recent file, that you were editing on resuming ⚛️ Electron & PWA app for offline use 🔌 No Internet 📖 OpenSource
Nice one. I was looking for a good windows-based markdown editor a while back and was amazed at how little was out there. I'll definitely be giving this a run
@rossdcurrie Thanks a lot !! 🤩
NICE!!!! I WAS LOOKING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Because most dev community blog like dev to and makerlog discussion using markdown. As well on github. So i need this Because i'm bad at remembering cheatsheet. Wait how do i download this?
@fajarsiddiq You can download from here: 😄
Looking good! Any way to paste an image and it automatically creates an image and pastes it the project or a subfolder? Something like [image](/images/05_10_2019.png)
@lucas_alex_kuhn This feature is not supported. If you have the image url then you can add quickly to the markdown.
Fast to use!!! and i can download this! POWERFUL TOOL! WELL DONE DUDE.
@fajarsiddiq Thanks a lot !! 🤩
@pjijin You're most welcome!!! just use it!! SUPER AWESOME!!! ON MY MAC