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Clean, modern & open-source WYSIWYG markdown editor

📖 Markdown Editor
⚡Creating markdown made easy!!
Modern, clean and opensource feature rich Markdown Editor.
Try it on web / also Available for Mac, Windows and Linux as standalone application.
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Hello Hunters 👋🏻 Markdown Editor is a modern, opensource and developer friendly WYSIWYG editor, which features a web version and a native standalone version for mac,windows and linux os. ✨Features 👆One Click Licence, Contribution Guidelines Export 💾Load and Save Markdown to Indexed DB 🚀Copy/Download Markdown with one-click 🌟Auto Save for Markdowns 🌓Dark/Light Mode 🎎Resizable Split UI ✨Assist for Inserting Images/Link 🚅Save Frequently used Contributing Guidelines/Contributors/Licence on to local storage 📬Opens the recent file, that you were editing on resuming ⚛️ Electron & PWA app for offline use 🔌 No Internet 📖 OpenSource
Nice one. I was looking for a good windows-based markdown editor a while back and was amazed at how little was out there. I'll definitely be giving this a run
@rossdcurrie Thanks a lot !! 🤩
NICE!!!! I WAS LOOKING SOMETHING LIKE THIS. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Because most dev community blog like dev to and makerlog discussion using markdown. As well on github. So i need this Because i'm bad at remembering cheatsheet. Wait how do i download this?
@fajarsiddiq You can download from here: 😄
Looking good! Any way to paste an image and it automatically creates an image and pastes it the project or a subfolder? Something like [image](/images/05_10_2019.png)
@lucas_alex_kuhn This feature is not supported. If you have the image url then you can add quickly to the markdown.
Maybe I"m missing something, but this does not really look like a WYSIWYG editor, but rather a editor with live preview? 🤷‍♂️️