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Thanks @bramk for posting! Markbook collects your favorites, upvotes and stars from Twitter, Product Hunt, HackerNews, Github and Medium – so you can organize and search it. It's a new way of social bookmarking as it runs in the background and doesn’t need you to manually add things you want saved. But instead, it integrates with existing social buttons you already use (like favoriting on Twitter, upvoting Product Hunt etc). The integration happens completely on the client-side, so you aren't bothered with connecting all your social accounts. Just install the Chrome extension and you’re good to go! (Safari extension coming soon) Some background information: I mostly favorite things as a way to bookmark but went through quite a struggle every time I wanted to find something back. So I built an early version of Markbook purely to meet this need. Today, I thought I’d share it with you the v1 I have been working on the past few weeks on the side. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Hopefully you have some feedback on how you’d use it and what features you really need next :)
Cool tool made by my buddy @dnmjd! With Marbook you can collect your favorites, upvotes and stars from Twitter, Product Hunt, HackerNews, Github and Medium. Super cool!
I've beta tested this tool and it works amazing, I rarely use Pocket anymore. It really fixes the FOMO of all the great content you see on Twitter, Medium, etcetera. Everything works automatically, so you don't have to change your workflow 👍🏻, which feels kind of magical. Keep up the good work @dnmjd!
Love how easily you get an overview of your stars! Just curious, are you planning to support other platforms and media sources too?
@kayvink Thanks Kay. What websites are you missing right now? The more long-term plan is to open up the API, allow developers to support any website they wish by publishing their snippet for the entire community to use.
@dnmjd @kayvink It'd be amazing if you'd open up the API. For instance tools like Revue (I'm talking to you @mdekuijper), could use your API to create a weekly digest of everything you've "markbooked".
@samuelbeek @kayvink Great thinking Sam!
@dnmjd @kayvink @samuelbeek I'd love to integrate this! Let me know when you guys have an API available (and authentication with oAuth)!
Definitely a tool I've been searching for - will give test it out this weekend. Thanks!