Mark One

A minimal, durable, retractable pen

Mark One is...

Minimal. No superfluous details, not even a visible logo. Clean, simple, elegant, and it comes in two colors.

Durable. The entire pen is made out of metal, and coated with a robust ceramic polymer coating, which gives the pen a great feel in the hand.

Retractable. We wanted a click pen for our favorite refill, and we went to great lengths—including a custom mechanism—to make it happen. Satisfying as heck to click.

  • Ben Hernández
    Ben HernándezVP of Product Experience @ Bestow

    Beautiful minimalist design, durable coating, and what sounds like a really satisfying click mechanism.


    I can't have it now.

    It looks like many people who have commented on here have totally missed the point of this product. It is not fair to compare this pen to a cheap "drugstore" pen or even a something that you can buy on Amazon. You get this pen to be compliment to your everyday desk set-up and have for years. You get this pen to be refilled multiple times and to be something that you carry around in you pocket to reliable write on whatever shitty paper your restaurant receipt is printed on. You get this pen because you care about good design and you want to buy quality items that will last you for years to come.

    Ben Hernández has never used this product.
  • Michael Smolski
    Michael SmolskiI find products that help. Writer too.

    It has a nice heavy feel on it.


    The ink is atrocious. It stopped working after 3 weeks. Oh, and eventually the pen also scratches.

    I've used this pen for a long time. It's fancy. It looks cool. But that's it. It looks cool. Nothing premium about it compared to other pens I've used. I was meant to review it on my site about products that help, but it doesn't help with writing at all.

    Michael Smolski has used this product for one year.
$50 for a pen 😳 and that’s discounted!
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Looks cool, but not having a clip to hold it onto a pocket, etc. is a huge disappointment.
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@neurohacked Agreed. Pens tend to roll off not so level tables. A clip solves this problem.
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Needs a clip to prevent rolling off table.
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@neurohacked Right?! Baron Fig's pen doesn't have a clip either. Who are these people that don't like like to clip it to pockets or their notebook?
Don't be fooled. This is just an overpriced pen missing a plethora of features (most important one being having a clip).
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Wow they are trying to make an Apple pen. The worse you treat the customer by removing features, the more they believe they have something special. Overpriced pen selling on customers emotions.
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I'm always in the market for a good pen. I keep a Field Notes notebook and pen on my desk, and I prefer minimal pens like this. I'll have to keep an eye on it.
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