When appointment meets chatbot

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Hi everyone, just discover this business scheduling tool with chatbot integrations. Seems to have great potential.
@r2ym Thanks for hunting us :)
@r2ym Congrats on the launch!!!
Thanks Yuiming for hunting us! Happy to share MARK with all of you on Product Hunt. MARK is an online appointment system to help business owners schedule appointments and manage time. MARK is special with its social integration with Facebook and Chatbot so customers can make bookings to shops directly through the business page or sending private message. Highlights 1. Set the opening availability and embed the calendar onto your Facebook Page, customers can then pick their free time and “mark” the slots. 2. Enable the Messenger Chatbot function and customers can schedule bookings with you through sending private message to you on Messenger. We have just launched our beta site this week. You could sign up and try out our system here at We’d love to hear comments and feedbacks from all of you. Do let us know if you have questions too :) Thanks!
Really Nice!!!!