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Felipe LeiteMaker@felipe_leite · IT/Product Manager @ iCarros
Thanks @erictwillis for hunting us! I’m the CEO at We select the best tweets about a game and publish it in our website so you can enjoy the game. This stream is based on Twitter lists and hashtag searches and are human curated in real time. A few months ago I read the "What Twitter Can Be" article from Chris Sacca (, and the “live” section of it resonated a lot with me. I thought “Damn, how I wish something like that existed”, then I realized I could just make it. Another inspiration came from the day after twitter reactions posts. Pick any big Game of Thrones death and you can bet that Buzzfeed and many other news outlets will create a list with the best twitter reactions - but not UpWorthy. What if you could see those tweets during the show/game, live? That’s what we are trying to do. If you want to get a feel for what we are doing here, you can check the stream for the season kickoff at Obviously, the value is following it live, so check our coverages later today: Browns vs Jets, and Giants vs Cowboys, the first SNF of the season. Monday night we will have Vikings vs 49ers as well. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Let the games begin! #FootballisBack
I watched Pitsburgh @ New England last Thursday on and it was amazing. Makes it much easier for those who like to watch the games and Twitter at the same time. Very worthwhile experience!
Felipe LeiteMaker@felipe_leite · IT/Product Manager @ iCarros
@heliofaret Thanks! Don't forget to come back for today's games :)
Sam Sperling is@talentwired · Founder @ NestApart & Nest.AI
Cool idea ! Are you looking at events beyond sports? Like conferences?
Felipe LeiteMaker@felipe_leite · IT/Product Manager @ iCarros
@talentwired We were focusing more on those big time public events (sports and TV shows). But the technology would work just as well for conferences and smaller/private events. Thanks for the feedback, we will definitely look at it!
Sam Sperling is@talentwired · Founder @ NestApart & Nest.AI
Sounds great will definitely keep an eye on where you go with it ! made me enjoy Masterchef like never before. It makes the second screen experience complete, since the whole conversation around the show is curated in a funny way. No doubts about the value that adds to the show itself, and the various situations it can be applied - events, tv shows, sport events, real time coverage...