Marionette Studio

Animate everything online


Marionette Studio is an online animation software for beginners and professionals. Animate 2D characters and environments in minutes with no prior skills.

Powerful features:

- Advanced animation curves

- Natural deformations

- Weight painting

- Automatic weight calculation

- High fidelity auto-meshing

- Inverse kinematics

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CEO, Eternime

Sometimes a complex tool will make the job harder. Marionnette Studio is just enough, unless you have a complicated game or intricate graphics.


Very good animation tool for 2d games, quick learning curve


More advanced features would be good


Great product! Very easy to learn and perfect for both game development and advertising products. Bravo!


Simple and interesting




Good job.


Useful tool for animation.



Marionette Studio is really useful but it's always down! Sometimes it is down for a week or more at a time and I'm still paying for it monthly. Any time I try to use one of the site's forms to contact someone for help, it says "Failed" and won't go through. I've tried replying to some of their auto emails and it doesn't go to a live person. I got an email asking if I wanted live training, and tried to fill it out, and the form just says "Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact us by another method." but EVERY method fails! The product itself is good and easy to use WHEN it decides to work, but there is NO customer service. I feel like the company who made this program just stopped caring about it and just left it up and running for whatever money they can still bring in from it. It makes me sad that there are not a lot of browser-based programs out there that rival this one, the thing I like best about it is that you dont have to download anything like all the other 2d programs.