Marijuana 101

Free course to become a better cannabis user in 10 days

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Hey everybody, happy 4/20! I wrote this 10 part course. It covers everything from the state of legalization in the US to how it's grown and processed, multiple methods for smoking/vaporizing/eating, and even tools and how to have fun with it. With cannabis becoming legal in more and more places, it's important that people have access to quality education about how to use it safely and responsibly. I'd love to hear any feedback!
Excellent Work @paulgambill and team!
@jmrobin100 Thanks Joel :)
So, why an email list over 10 days vs. making all the content available online? I'm more likely to read the content now than I am going to be spread out every day over a 10 day period.
@taykcrane Because reading 10 things at once is a lot of work, man.
@raymondduke spoken like a true copywriter, haha.
haha fitting post for today! ;)
Great work! I always regard the North European educational and medical advice style as a better way to deal with hallucinogens. Knowledge always means power.