An app designed to improve women's confidence

Marigold is the confidence app for women. Subscribers can access 300+ exclusive, bite-sized audio sessions from 35+ expert confidence coaches on topics relating to career, relationships, body image, and more. iOS only.
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Hi Product Hunt, Jen & Sarah here. We are the founders of Marigold. We first met while working at MTV years ago, and built Marigold to be the go-to place for women to get a boost of confidence in any part of their lives. We've teamed up with 35+ amazing confidence coaches who deliver bite-sized audio sessions on topics relating to career, relationships, personal growth, motherhood, body image, finances, health & wellness and more. We're excited to launch today and help women everywhere unleash their full potential. We hope you enjoy the app and we'd love to answer any questions!
An excellent tool for women of all ages. It is my passion and my calling to help my clients and students develop their confidence in public speaking, and communication skills both inside (self talk) and out. I'm very excited to be on board as a coach!
We are thrilled to have you as a coach @patricia_stark. We love your passion and enthusiasm for helping others build their public speaking confidence!
So thrilled to be sharing this app for women, by incredibly inspiring women. Confidence is huge area that I work with clients around and I will certainly be sharing it worldwide. I'm so excited to integrate this into my lifestyle too <3
Thank you so much for your support Sarah!
Congrats on the 🚀, @jennifer_greenberg and @sarah_stefanski. I'm curious how you're sourcing/vetting coaches. I wonder if this can become a marketing/branding opportunity for these coaches to expand their business to 1 on 1 sessions or other services.
Thanks so much, @rrhoover! We’re thrilled to have a community of female coaches speaking on a wide variety of topics.  We first set out with the question - “where do women want a boost of confidence?” We asked our friends and the results were diverse, but everyone we spoke with had something they wanted to improve. So, we created a list of the most requested themes and researched coaches who were already speaking on those topics organically. Our background is in TV production at MTV so we worked with the coaches to create bite-sized audio sessions with both inspiring and actionable techniques. We’re always bringing on new coaches and will be uploading new sessions weekly to add more value to our subscribers. You bring up a great idea! We definitely want to expand the ways in which our coaches can interact with our community of women. These coaches have so much to offer and this is just the start!
Highly recommend this app! The sessions are the perfect amount of time when you're on the go and want some inspiration. Very excited to add this to my morning routine
@rebecca_smith8 Thanks for the kind words and support, Rebecca!