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I wonder if users find this to be annoying or useful on a site?
@samir_doshi I can understand what you mean. The surveys however are very unobtrusive and can be easily minimized by the visitor. Plus, with specific behavior targeting (scroll delay, time delay and page targets) you can catch the visitor at the right time with the right question. Our users have found that this type of contextual survey gives you a great response rate, and more importantly, very valuable feedback. Thanks for your comment!
I think that will depend per user. I personally would be a little irritated depending on the frequency of these micro surveys
@drungsea thanks for your comment, I can agree that targeting users too often could cause some annoyance. We have a number of targeting features that allow you to limit how often a survey appears, and specifically when and where they will appear on a page. This limits the surveys to display only when it's the right time to ask each question. Plus, for those who do answer the surveys, they don't have to leave the page or take any further action, so they can continue using the website as normal.
Hi Everyone, I'm excited to have MARE listed here on Product Hunt. Mare is a survey tool that allows you to ask questions to your website visitors in context. That means that you can ask them different questions based on the content that they are reading, or where they are in your web app. For example: If a visitor was on your checkout page, but does not complete their purchase, you could ask them if there was a reason why they didn't complete their purchase. Or, on a product page, you can ask a visitor if there was anything missing on the page that they couldn't find. Our users have found that they get a great engagement rate using these contextual micro-surveys compared to traditional user or visitor surveys. MARE has only been available for about 70 days, but we have some very exciting new features coming out in the next several weeks. Also, if you'd like to be a part of our beta list for the premium version of MARE (and get a huge discount when it's released) you can hit me up at Look forward to your feedback. I will be around all day for questions.
Great while free. What do you think about the fact that I can do the same with Intercom?
@johntheoak thanks for your comment. Intercom is an awesome tool, and provides a lot of advantages for getting feedback in-app from users, as well as engaging them. Ultimately, with MARE, want to build a tool that lets you do market research quickly, but also drive leads and conversions. I would say that our primary use is getting insights further up your marketing funnel, with the added advantage of being able to survey users post-conversion. We won't be trying to replace a tool such as intercom. MARE is still young, and will soon have some very interesting features like the ability to drive users to landing pages based on their responses, public polls, and advanced surveying features like skip logic and piping. Hope this helps. Happy to answer any other questions.
Arent there many such options present online already? Like web engage!
@evivz thanks for your comment! I agree that there are some great products on the market that will provide excellent user and visitor feedback. What separates MARE is the future automation of this information to drive conversions through your sales funnel. We are ultimately looking to be a tool for enhancing the sales process, and less for existing user engagement. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any other questions :)