Marco Polo

Find your phone by shouting MARCO!

#3 Product of the DayMay 22, 2014

If you've ever lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch somewhere nearby but can't quite remember where, the Marco Polo app will help you quickly find your device with just your voice. Just shout out loud MARCO! and your hidden device will ring back POLO! so that you can find it.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Why isn't it available on the US app store?
This is a funny idea One of the reviews is kinda great "...we were trying to listen to an audio book (no, it wasn't Marco Polo, and no character was named Marco or even Mark) and the app repeatedly shouted Polo over the top if the book." Haha
This isn't just a utility. It's fun. Side note: this functionality would be a nice addition for Tile.

Not available on Australian app store.


Awesome idea


Make available on Australian app store.

The red bar is kind of annoying, but more annoying is how many times it's misfired on me this morning. Every time someone has come up to my desk to talk to me it's gone off at least once. I think I'm going to have to relegate this to a novelty for now. I am curious how much battery strain it has over a day though. Anyone who is really using it should shoot an update later!