Marco Polo 2.0

Find your phone by shouting MARCO!

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jonas@jnsdls · Yeah, I don't know either.
GREAT idea, downloading now and trying it out the next time I misplace my phone. (Knowing myself it wont be long...) EDIT: Oh my god the "Clinton" voice... HA HA HA! Good stuff!
Matt Wiechec
Matt WiechecMakerPro@mattwiechec ·
@sleinadsanoj I love seeing how everyone chooses their favourite voice. Keep using the app, or come back after a few hours, and you'll get a chance to unlock former president Bush :)
@mattwiechec Innovative idea. Wishing you great success :)
Matt Wiechec
Matt WiechecMakerPro@mattwiechec ·
We've made our largest update yet, adding lots of fun new features. Version 2.0 brings some big improvements including the first iOS 8 widget to help you find misplaced devices right from your Notification Center. Just swipe down to reveal Notification Center and Marco Polo will automatically find any device around you. It’s like having Find My iPhone available from the lock screen! We’ve also introduced Custom Responses to customize what your device shouts back. Choose from responses like "I'm Over Here", "Who's There?", "iPhone Reporting", and even enter your own phrase! Seriously. It can't get any more inappropriate than that. Plus new voices like Arnold, Movie Guy, Sly, Bush, Kermit! and much more. Let the shenanigans begin!
Matt Wiechec
Matt WiechecMakerPro@mattwiechec ·
Anyone want to try the new Nearby Widget at work for me? Marco Polo your coworkers when you need their attention :)
Laurence Moore
Laurence Moore@mrlozmoore
this is so innovative! it'll be the first app i d/l when i purchase an ipad air 2