Marble Macbook

Laptop case made out of a genuine slab of marble

#5 Product of the DayApril 24, 2016

Marble Macbook is an actually marbe laptop cover for your Macbook. 🖥️

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That surely is a piece of great craftsmanship. But what about the weight? How heavy/light is that? :)
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@palakzatakia great concern about the weight! Since the marble is so thin it adds only roughly 8 ounces to your overall weight. It's a veneer so it really helps having it that thin
@elemntcompany @palakzatakia And what about structural integrity in case of shocks/temps variations/etc. ?
@elemntcompany Okay. 8 ounces. Macbook weight is around 0.92kgs and this cover being around 0.2kgs, it might cause other problems. What if someone opens the Macbook with more than 90° angle between the keyboard/body and screen? Sometimes it might just spoil the weight distribution and could tilt the Macbook on the other side. 🙃
@palakzatakia most cases sold online that protect the MacBook weigh more than that. We have been testing, I think you're not realizing how light 8 ounces really is and how sturdy and heavy the MacBook screen is. In order for your scenario to occur, the marble would have to weight more than the aluminum lid, retina lcd, and the tempered glass that protects it. The MacBook would never tilt over I can guarantee that much for sure ☺️
@jehldavid @palakzatakia you mean what would happen if you drop it on the marble? Just with any case it will vary depending on impact. The marble can crack but it won't come apart since its held by a fiber backer. As far as temperature goes, the MacBook lid has no fans therefore it doesn't block anything or affect temperatures. The fans are in the bottom of the MacBook and vent through the keyboard as well
Who needs aircraft-grade aluminum when you've got countertop-grade marble?
@ykguler there's just an obsession with attaching natural materials to your MacBook, wouldn't you agree? We actually started at first with wood which is also awesome
@elemntcompany Yes yes I certainly do agree, still waiting for a Lady Gaga style meat dress for Mac. It really should be a subscription model rather than a one time sell though, meat tends to get bad after a while.. I know we could call it Gaga Skins for Mac! Anyone interested?
This would be fragile. We have a hard enough time not breaking 1" thick benchtops in housing. What is the tensile strength like in such a thin veneer?
@a12rj ya there is no way this is practical
@a12rj what's really awesome about this marble is that it's actually backed by a fiber backer (weaved) and also by a 3m pressure sensitive adhesive which gives it some flex. Unlike wood veneer you can't roll it up in a tube but there's enough room for it to bend and truly hug the top of the MacBook seamlessly
I'd call it MarbLook Pro 😁
@pointum we love the nicknames our products get! Our wooden covers got coined as Macwood 😩👌
The etched branding ruins it for me. I really don't want two ads on my laptop (The apple being the first).
@jeffandersen Jeff completely understand your angle on the branding perspective which is why we are always flexible since we make the product in house, we can remove it or even add your own logo instead of the Apple 😏
@jeffandersen You really need the branding or your laptop could easily be confused as a cutting board.. Wouldn't you agree?