MAQE Soundjump

No more replacing your wireless speaker every few years.

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We are a small team based in Hong kong, the name MAQE (make) came from that we are generally all makers. Its amazing how long a portable wireless speaker can last these days on one charge, but thinking long term, the speaker will only last as long as the battery. We designed the Soundjump with the belief that a premium speaker should not have to be replaced every few years when the built-in battery dies, The upgrade cycle for a good speaker should be a lot longer then your other digital devices and we designed it so it can outlast your battery. And to fit better into todays mobile world, the battery can be easily removed, only attached by magnets and used as a smaller external powerbank.
@quanlidesign How did you decide that battery-replacement was a killer-feature in this space? I personally have never had to replace the battery in a bluetooth speaker, so it's hard for me to identify with.
@zackbloom Hi Zach, Maybe not a killer-feature but it just made sense to us during the design process. A good speaker should last a very long time, its not like a smartphone where it would slow down and need to be replaced every few years. When we were testing portable speakers, most did not last a full day. Farther testing we took apart many samples from the market and were surprised by how small the battery size was, with extra space for a larger battery. Only a few speakers now have a 6,000mAh battery, most does not specify the battery size at all. So the smaller the battery the quicker it will go though a charging cycle and a lithium-ion battery will lose capacity around 300-500 charging cycles. We decided to give the end user more value, a large battery and the ability to use it as a powerbank. A couple benefits from that, if your a heavy user you can have additional batteries and easily swap them out without needing to recharge. Another is a powerbank feature in a smaller form factor. If your not using the speaker why not put the battery to use. And then longevity, over time a speaker with a built-in battery will eventually lose capacity, from the many reviews we read on amazon, many felt they were left with paperweights after the battery died.
This is epic, but I'm really curious about the sound quality. It's one of those things that can really only be determined in person; @quanlidesign what would you say the MAQE speaker's sound quality is comparable to?
@katesegrin Hi Kate, Thx! You are right, sound quality is very important and only in the last year or so has wireless audio technology matured enough to provide great sound in a small package. We have tested many speakers in the market, our sound is comparable to the 1st gen UE boom with a little more bass.