Mapstr lets you keep track of all your favorite places around the world, tag them, and share them with who you want!

To remember your best spots (restaurants, bars, museums...), your friends recommendations, and to plan your next trip, download Mapstr and build the map of YOUR world!

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Hey, I'm the founder of Mapstr! So proud to see it here, that's a surprise! We've released version 1.0 on App Store on Thursday, to let users save, organize and visualize all their favorite places around the world. Our goal is to be build the most simple and useful personal map ever. Feel free to ask anything!
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Good job frenchies ! Btw, were you at Polytechnique Startup Weekend in Paris a few months ago ? :)
@jcvarlet last year yes! ;-)
@sebc99 Remember your pitch ! Good job !
I developed a similar app for Android last year called Dot the Spot (
Really nice app, congrats!
@plppppp Thanks Pierre-Louis!
Seems right and full of potential. Lots of partnership possibility and so on.
@sylvainmaretto Thanks, that's exactly what we have in mind :)
@sebc99 @sylvainmaretto Bonne chance les gars, on se croisera à Paris ;)