A versatile and feature filled mind mapping tool for free!

MapsOfMind is a free tool for all your mind mapping needs!

Create unlimited highly customizable mind maps.

Edit in rich text, add pictures, video links and more!

Share (public or private), and even export your map in .TXT .PDF OR .PNG!

For an overview of all the features, visit:

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Hi everyone! This is a free tool I created to scratch my own itch of organizing text, websites, pictures etc. in a mind map format. Most of the currently existing mind mapping tools were not very customizable or did not meet my requirements so I created MapsOfMind and decided to release it for free! I really hope this becomes a useful tool for many! :) Would love to hear feedback and comments from the PH community! :D
@pavitrakumar Great! A card based mind map is what I was looking for.
Very well done , it have lots of features that most of similar products lack
@amr_abd_elmonem_ahmed Thanks! I am planning to add more features based on user requests! :)
@pavitrakumar That would be awesome , best of luck
Nice work. Actually like the interface more than most. One thing that would prevent me from paying is... no undo feature. Might also be nice to have more keyboard controls. Ie create new box inside an node. Solid stuff for free. But until there's an undo feature I'd be hesitant to use - paid or free I've lost too much work accidentally deleting things.
@nickajulia Thanks for the feedback! I will look into making a undo/redo feature next! :D
I love it! Thanks.