Design beautifully colored maps from all around the world.

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#4 Product of the DayJune 30, 2018

With MappyThoughts you can design beautifully colored maps from anywhere around the world.



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Chris@airlabs_io · Software engineer and entrepreneur.
I would like to see more color schemes but it's already really good
@airlabs_io Hi Chris, thanks for your friendly feedback! We are planning to add more color schemes in the near future. If there are certain colors that you'd like to see, we are always open for suggestions! Stay tuned :)
charlie@justcharlie · Technology in Asia
This looks great. May I ask which maps API you are using to generate the imagery?
@justcharlie Hey Charlie! Thanks for the kind words - glad you like it! We are not using any maps API's to generate the imagery as we had rather specific needs in terms of performance and features. Instead we built our own solution with imported data from OpenStreetMap which is processed by Mapnik to generate a base image. For the downstream analysis, coloring and post-processing of the images we have written our own application using a combination of C/C++ and Java to generate the imagery on the fly. Hope that satisfies your question!
charlie@justcharlie · Technology in Asia
@michielhakvoort Brilliant. Congratulations, the final effect is very good. I appreciate the detailed explanation!