Save location-based content on your own personal map

MapPost solves the problem of how to remember all those destinations you come across while browsing the web. Destinations that excite your interest, but that you have no good way to keep track of.

With MapPost these locations and motivating articles are available at your fingertips, with just a couple of clicks, on your own personal map.

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First, we'd like to thank @chrismessina for hunting MapPost. MapPost is solving a very common problem. We all have experienced this: we browse online, see an article that talks about a place, and if the place sounds interesting, we make a mental note of it or save the article somewhere, with the intent that the next time we’re in that area, we’ll go check it out. To be honest though, mental notes don’t work, and if we saved the article somewhere, it always seems to be a challenge to find it again, when we want to plan a trip or organize a spur-of-the-moment outing. Pinning the article and the place together to our own map just makes sense. So that’s what we do with MapPost. We also make saving really easy - a few seconds and a few clicks is all it takes. If it’s in MapPost, your map is on your phone, tablet, and laptop/desktop computers. So when you’re in a neighborhood or going to a new city, and say, want to have a bite or kill some time, whip out your MapPost map and see what you’ve saved. Browse. Save. MapPost remembers where and why for you! That’s what we have for you today. Enjoy MapPost! Our team will be available all day to answer any questions you have. We’re really looking forward to your feedback.
Love this app! Best of luck

Can't wait to check out all the places I've saved on my next trip to Asia!


This app is so handy! I love saving on Desktop and viewing on Mobile.


They don't have sharing or following at this moment. The team says it's coming soon.

I'm looking forward to using it on mobile, mostly.


I really like being able to save potential destinations for my next trip on a map


Want to be able to share locations with others

A dream come true Thank you
@larryz Glad you like it!
Very easy-to-use Chrome browser extension. Can see its application in a lot of ways outside of travel plans, too.
@oleksandr_senyuk Thanks. Agree completely!