Mapping Manhattan

Gorgeous maps through the eyes of 75 New Yorkers

I saw the "Coffee Table Books" collection yesterday and remembered this beautiful book by my friend @cooperrrr. It's more than a coffee table book, though -- she walked the full length of Broadway handing out blank maps to people on the street, telling them to "map their own Manhattan" and send it back to her. Everyone interpreted it differently, so as you read about the history of Manhattan and the story of her walk, you're flipping through these beautiful, very personal maps. My favorites are the ones by very nostalgic senior citizens -- and the creative one by Neil Degrasse Tyson. More examples can be seen at
@benburns Do you know if there are others in different places? There needs to be one of these for central London. LOVE THIS. Great Hunt. :)
@ems_hodge @benburns It looks like London is in the works! Along with Istanbul and Harvard Square
@benburns amazing - can't wait to see them :)