Create a custom shirt from any map

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I turned San Francisco into a shirt:
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@rrhoover This one is pretty cool Ryan!
@rrhoover Can you add a tiny orange ProductHunt "P" logo at HQ? :)
Just bought two!
Hi Product Hunt community! I'm one of the founders of MapOnShirt and would like to invite you to be early discoverer. is a tool for creating beautiful map designs from your own place and in your own loved colors. The full customization is possible - to add text, images or markers, to change a level of map details. Currently MapOnShirt offers to purchase your designs on all-over printed T-shirts, pillows or head-wear. For all hunters we offer 25% off for your first one-off T-shirt which will be specially made for you with your design. or here is the code "HUNT25" After your first experience please comment and we will answer all your questions.
@lismanis Brilliant! love it and cool you have free shipping!
@lismanis Was wondering if there are any discounts on orders? Also just trying to get to your about page at the moment and getting a 504 Gateway Time-out error.
@muloka Yes, Louis, use a promotion code HUNT25 to get 25% Off. Sorry about 504, I had to restart the server..
@lismanis Such a good idea. I would love this for cycling jerseys. Any idea if it's possible to print on bike jerseys? (or even some sort of UnderArmour type material for a regular workout shirt?)
Hmmmm I like the idea of making throw pillows for each neighborhood I've lived in. BRB!
Sucker for products like this :)