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A simple way to share your travel recommendations

MapMyTrip is a simple way of sharing travel recommendations with friends. Our goal is to get rid of the long and inefficient messages being sent whenever people ask “WHAT SHOULD I DO IN ICELAND? NEED RECS!”


-> Download app, sign up, get guide with PH2 promo, & mark your favorite sites as "Visited"

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I've been using Tripscout for a few years now as my guidebook replacement. I like that there's more curation than your standard Tripadvisor reviews, and the audio guide is great to listen to in the weeks leading up to a trip. Being able to curate the guide yourself is great and I wish I'd had this to share tips for all the people who always ask me for Istanbul recommendations! Overall it's really smooth and intuitive, but some random feedback: * the picture thumbnails on the map don't show enough to be useful information and they clog up the map a bit. Maybe could replace with icons for what kind of attraction it is? * I could see influencers using this as a way to share their knowledge - could there be a tupperware model here where they get a rev split for selling the guide to their followers? Or even - you get my recs for free, then there's an upsell to get the rest of the content? * I'd love an easier way to do social discovery (which other friends are using the app and where they've been).
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@gillianim thanks for the kind words Gillian and great feedback. #1 and #3 are definitely things we were planning on doing once we got feedback from users... and #2 is very interesting, I could absolutely see that being valuable to both influencers and travelers that follow them.
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This is a place for travellers, not tourists, for exploranauts, not lazy internet astronauts. This is where the world becomes real, not where a search engine or a travel agent limits you


Quality, excellence and for REAL curious travellers


Not sure there are any

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Hi PH community! CEO/founder of TripScout here. TripScout curates the best recommendations from local experts in 100+ cities and provides trip-planning tools to personalize your experience. We just launched MapMyTrip because of how many times we saw our friends (and us) asking people "Hey, what do you recommend I do in [city]?" Instead of typing up a long email or Facebook Message, you can simply share your trip with them (or to all your social followers) through MapMyTrip. Just use the TripScout app (iPhone or Android) to plan your trip and explore in-destination. We will then email you a link to your map (as soon as you redeem the PH2 promo mentioned above) with every place you marked “Visited” in the app. NOTE: You must be a logged in user to receive this email, so please make sure to sign up! FEEDBACK REQUESTED: We’re still in the early phases of this Beta product and would love your feedback on how to make this a great experience for our fellow travelers. What else would you like to share or do with this product do?
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@gokonrad this is very great idea , i often ask my friend like this before i go on a trip :)
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The TripScout folks are on to something. The app has totally changed the way I plan my travel, and this new MapMyTrip feature looks like the exact upgrade that I've been waiting for.


Great content, simple to use, beautiful interface.


None that I've found.

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Go team! Thrilled to have this in the village portfolio. Can you share more about the vision for the future, especially the Spotify analogy? :-)
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@eriktorenberg sure! The vision for TripScout is giving everyone their own personal, local travel expert. When Spotify launched, they gave users a massive library of music, a playlist builder, and enabled them to curate the worlds music and share their playlists with friends. As user generated curation scaled, it enabled features such as Radio and Discover Weekly, which bring users the perfect playlist for their tastes automagically. MapMyTrip kicks off a series of new features for TripScout enabling travel planners to curate their perfect trip and share their recommendations with friends. Soon we’ll be adding the ability to make your own custom itineraries that help you keep track of all of your plans in a simple, beautiful interface. Good bye clunky spreadsheet. Our goal is to learn from users itineraries and generate custom itineraries on-demand, personalized to the individual traveler. Just like Spotify Radio knows exactly what song to play next, we’ll be able to respond to weather, local events, or your own mood to make sure your trip never misses a beat. Thanks for joining us on the journey!
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