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Hello everyone! I'm excited to share a project I've been working on alongside my dad for 2 years. It's called Map My Customers. A salesperson for 35 years, my dad (knowing very well that I couldn't say no as an engineer) asked me as a favor one day to build an app that could visualize his spreadsheet info. He pushed me to put the app on the App Store and it soon found a niche on there. Now salespeople can strategically identify accounts to visit, get there faster/cheaper with route optimizing, fill in canceled appointments with our lead generator, and automate some of their sales with our group emailing and auto-reminders for following up. We've tried hard to keep the app as simple as possible, and would love to hear any feedback or critiques from salespeople who've been out in the field selling before.
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Amazing product. Love it.
@logandeyo Glad you love it! Any feedback you have, please let us know. Every decision we make is made with the customer in mind
These guys have such a useful software. I was using excel and google my maps before I found Map My Customers and so far it's been great.
@uzair_ahmed Excel and Google Maps are exactly what Matt's dad used to use before Map My Customers. I'm glad we've been able to help you out, Uzair!
Great team, great product! Congrats to Matt & co. and looking forward to continued success.