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Mórris Litvak
@morris_litvak · Bizdev, Mapme
I'm proud to be part of Mapme team recently and see how nicely it's growing in a short time. It's been a great experience and I'm very happy to be promoting it in Latin America and helping to support and grow the Spanish and Portuguese speaking users. it's specially amazing to see how wide can be the usage of Mapme as every day we find people applying it i… See more


Ben Lang
@benln · @askspoke
Hi everyone, happy to share what I’ve been working on for the past year. Mapme is a super simple publishing platform for map-based content. You can do all kinds of cool things with it, such as: crowdsource data, share stories, map your community, display locations or anything you want. We’ve seen organizations, publishers, governments and individuals do in… See more
Elya Weingrod
@elyawp · Usability Design Expert at Amdocs
Amazing Product that I just started to work with! Keep up the Great work!
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Ahmad Younis
@ahmayou · Founder at Playtoon
Hello everyone! We're very proud to have Mapme on Product Hunt! We invested a lot of time to deliver the best product out there for creating maps without any coding. In 3 simple steps you can have your map ready to go. We offer a lot of powerful, optional features like crowdsourcing, importing / exporting your data, reviews... Will be happy to answer your … See more
Roy Munin
@muninjlm · CEO, MadeinJLM
I love mapme, I've been using it to map out Jerusalem's tech community for the past few months - Mapme.com/JLM. At first it shocked everyone to find out how much action is happening around them that they weren't aware of, and gradually it became a reference and incredibly useful and valuable tool for our community including stakeholders and municipality offi… See more
Stefanie Amini
@stefamini · Discovering Coffee & Gossip Media
Mapme is an awesome product that has helped my startup to grow through the ability to visualize my services for the target audience. What started out as a side project turned into something viable because of the ease of use and product features of the maps. Highly recommend using this product! Check out what we did with the map! http://www.discoveringcoff… See more