Chef Inspired Meals in 30 Min (NYC Only)

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With David Chang involved, it has a lot of promise. I love that the team decided to start with people who actually work in the restaurant business to build a new tech experience.
Nice, interesting to see how this can/will match up to UberEATS, which just launched in NYC too.
Sounds interesting, unfortunately the area is limited to only Chambers St and lower. My office is in SoHo and live in Williamsburg, sad it hasn't expanded there just yet!
@geekgirlweb This is the right strategy for them. Build up a strong critical mass in pockets of neighborhoods in NYC and move on to the next.
@geekgirlweb @andythegiant Hey folks, Zack here from Maple. You're both exactly right! Becca (hi!), we'd love to be where you are. The goal is to absolutely nail what we're doing every step of the way and expand only as quickly as we can deliver great food and an even better experience. Our thinking is that we'll be able to do both really, really soon.