Street-level photos for everyone

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Most importantly you are contributing to OpenStreetMap and enabling to world to see those places where there is no Street Level Photo coverage :) Example If you want to explore some Archeological sites in Cozumel (near Cancún-Mexico)
Hi! I’m one of the creators of Mapillary. We just launched the new Mapillary to help people explore the world in photos. Send me any questions or feedback.
Cool 🗺
Smart Tourism will love this
@rafaecheve Hi, I’m Kamil, one of the Mapillary devs. Speaking of tourism, here's Seville's Alcazar, where Game of Thrones was filmed and here's Burning Man capture from last year There are much more interesting places on Mapillary, just browse around :)
@kamfski Great! Thank you for sharing, the capabilities are endless :O.
I've been using Mapillary for a while now and I have to say that I'm impressed with what you guys do! Love this new release, keep it up!