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#3 Product of the DayOctober 01, 2018

Mapify is your social travel network unifying the travel space. It connects travelers globally through their unique travel experiences and lets you visualize past and upcoming trips.

  • Pros: 

    It's easy to use. Great to save spots you want to go to and have them in hand when you want to plan your trip.


    Would reduce the amount of notifications regarding one spot

    I really love the app, it's great to be able to find inspiration for new destinations or new spots in popular places, and also it is great to be able to share places you have found inspiring for others to discover

    Tere Conte-Grand has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Aesthetic design, great content, huge community


    Plan feature could integrate Tickets as well, but that’s just an idea

    I love mapify! For me, it’s the number one product to find travel inspo and plan trips.

    Christian Köhler has used this product for one year.
Hey Producthunt! This is Patrick, co-founder at Mapify 👋 We are very excited to share this new version of Mapify on iOS with you. At Mapify, it is our mission to connect travelers globally through their personal experiences and enable every traveler to have a seamless planning and sharing experience of past and future trips. We believe the future of travel is about unique trips to hidden gem destinations and think that personal experiences from travelers around the globe are the best way to discover those! Here are some things you can do with Mapify: 🌎Discover amazing destinations for your next trip 📍See what travelers shared around your current location 🙌Connect with travelers globally and ask them about their experiences 📝Plan your upcoming trip and share your itinerary with friends 🗺Share your personal experiences and create your scratchmap We would be super happy to see you trying out Mapify. Let us know what you think, share your feedback, ideas or your next travel destination 🏖 Happy traveling, Patrick PS: We are also on Android 😍
@patrick_hade Handy for travellers, not only to socialize but to make the most out of their tips 😃 Great idea!
@tcodinat Thank you so much!
Love the idea! Also, just tried out the app. Solid! It’s a keeper!
@sam0711er Thank you so much, Sam!
This is the best travel app on the market. It combines great content with beautiful design. Highly recommended!
@alex_focke thank you so much, Alex!
@alex_focke Thanks Alex! Really appreciate your time.
I've been using Mapify since a year now and I love how fast the team behind Mapify implements new features and iterates with new ideas! I call it a more advanced Instagram. Something between Airbnb and Instagram. I am pretty excited about the next iterations of the product. PS: You guys here should try out the Map feature - I've been to 37 countries so far. And you guys? - @felixgerlach
@felixgerlach Thank you very much, Felix. We very much appreciate your feedback.
@felixgerlach Thanks Felix, always great to get feedback from a frequent traveler.
great mobile app
@dmytro_krasiuk Thank you Dmytro! Happy to hear that 😄