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Hey Makers! Today, we are launching Mapify, a smart and intelligent travel platform.

With Mapify, we aim to eliminate googling from travel planning. Forget hours of searching 100 different tabs, Mapify does not only provide you with a beautiful tool to visualize journeys, it also connects spots travelers share with valuable information.

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Patrick Häde
Patrick HädeMaker@patrick_hade · CEO at Mapify
Hey Makers! This is Patrick, co-founder of Mapify. We are really excited to share this new platform with all of you. After about 11 months of development, Mapify launches its first version of iOS and web today. On Mapify, you can share spots and visualize trips in a very appealing way. Focusing on design and simplicity, we created an app which makes it easy to share what you have experienced with friends and family or the whole world. At the same time, Mapify is intelligent. By pulling together various travel data sources from all over the web and intelligently evaluating what you like, Mapify provides you with perfect travel recommendations and saves you hours of googling by providing you with closeby airbnbs, transport information, visa data, security advice and many more right on the spot. We are really excited to share this first version of Mapify with all of you and would love to hear what you think. Cheers, Patrick
Mathias Klenk
Mathias Klenk@mathias_kl
Had the pleasure to be in the beta. Really great product and loved it!
Stefan Lieberherr
Stefan Lieberherr@lieberherr87 · BizDev at Swiss markteplace siroop
Awesome community for travellers and great tool for finding nice, unknown spots.
Patrick Häde
Patrick HädeMaker@patrick_hade · CEO at Mapify
@lieberherr87 Thank you!
Ankit ladhania
Ankit ladhania@ankit_ladhania
Hi @patrick_hade , Just started using Mapify , Can you tell me how are you thinking of monetizing the platform ?
Emir Şahin
Emir Şahin@emir_sahin · ''A true hunter never rests.'' Rengar
Being a social network platform as a travel app is a really good job. Once upon a time, Instagram was a food photo sharing platform.😉 Hope you will be more successful in the future.