Create & order custom printed maps of your favorite places

Mapiful lets you create your custom map of a place you love. Isn't that amazing? It looks so stylish and inspirational. Order your special map poster and it will be on your wall in a couple of days, plus the shipping is free worldwide!

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Hi Hunters, I'm Nils, one of the co-founders of Mapiful. We released public beta this sunday and are getting a lot of feedback . I would love to hear from some of you as well! First orders are fresh our of the printers and on it's way. Thanks in advance!
@n_e_jansson I love everything about Mapiful. Really neat, clean and beautiful. Do you already have more designs / themes in mind?
@jorgediaz Thank you! Right now we have three that are quite similar. My personal preference would be to add buildings to the server (we took them out to speed it up) and doing more options than black & white. Follow us and we'll keep you posted on the updates!
@n_e_jansson WOW. I really love the logo - It's simple and refreshing. I'll be ordering some soon enough!
This is great! I like how simple it is. For a designer maps see
This is neat and I can imagine people printing maps of locations that carry specific meaning (e.g. the location of a marriage proposal). I've noticed more "UGC retail" recently, such as Mapisart, SoundwaveMug, SoundViz, and My Year Printed.
@rrhoover That's exactly what I was thinking Ryan. I proposed to my girlfriend this past weekend at Lake Tahoe and am gonna be ordering this as a Valentine's Day gift.
One of the best landing page -> checkout experiences. Very well done!
Beautiful design, and brilliant business idea. It'd make a great idea for a gift. Though $55 does sound a little bit steep for a black and white poster.
Neat. Totally buying one of these for Uppsala.