Mapbox Studio Preview

Design, preview and share beautiful maps on mobile

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Eric Wolfe
Designer / Developer
Hey PH! We just launched an iOS app that lets you use custom maps that you create with Mapbox while out on the go. The app pairs well with the web version of Mapbox Studio, a powerful tool for designing completely custom maps, and will let you live preview your designs right on your iPhone or iPad. We originally prototyped the app as an internal tool for our cartography team, but it turned out to be such a useful app for sharing and exploring maps we thought we’d open it up to everyone. Let us know what you think!
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Jeff FrazierUI/UX Designer at BestFit Mobile
The Get It button above is dead, on iOS Safari. Works in the app, though!
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Paul Veugen
Building products, teams, and companies
We're excited to release Studio Preview today and give designers & developers an easy way to try our beautiful base maps and design better custom maps for mobile with the live preview option in Studio Editor. Most of the team working on Mapbox Studio and Studio Preview is based in the US and we'll be hanging out here in the morning to respond to any questions about Mapbox Studio, map design, mobile maps, our mobile SDKs, etc 👋.