Map + whiteboard ~ real time multi user doodle map

MapBoard is a online map with whiteboard doodling tools and as many users as you want! It updates in real time, and is a great way to share and collaborate on ideas that have a location. Currently in alpha :)

good invention for many profesional job.
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Great job!! 😊 Will check it out , super useful and handy
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Hey ProductHunters, very excited to be featured on PH with MapBoard! Think Map+Whiteboard I took a lot of inspiration from the guys, and have built something that is useful to me (scratches that itch) and a collaboration tool for my work. It is @ alpha stage and as such things will break, stuff might not work , but please do comment and I will take on all the issues and fix them lickedy-split. If you have any feature suggestions let me know. I have live user tracking in the pipeline already but I am sure you have even better ideas! Happy to assist you in using the app and please tweet / message me if you have any questions.
@mapdev love the idea! I'm a witeboard user myself. I'm really going to use it :) Some feedback though: - What makes witeboard awesome for me is it's domain, I just type and I have a clean whiteboard in front of me ... I cannot remember right now your domain, so I'm probably not gonna access it again in the future if I don't. - Z to undo or ctrl + Z didn't work for me. - It was a bit hard at first to understand how things worked and I dont think I still fully get what some of the features do. Consider adding some copy explaining how to use each tool the first time the user selecs it. Nothing to complex, just enough so they don't have to try a few times before they understand how to use it. Love the idea, hope to use it again soon :)
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@ferminrp hey! And thanks for the feedback - I really do appreciate it. The domain will change (in discussions on that front) :D Totally agree with the initial usability - compared to click and draw its more complex - and I need to work out how to on board people much better! Love your idea - I know what I'm doing next! RE: Z - That is only useful when drawing a polygon or line, and it's just a Z. Thanks again! D
We have now moved to a cool new domain -