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AJ@alanaut24 · Engitrepresigner
Love the concept! Have some work to do with the UI / UX but great start.
Guy KellerMaker@guyklr · CS Student, TAU
@alanaut24 Thanks so much! What would you improve? We'd love to hear your feedback
Ben LangHunterHiring@benln · Spoke
Cool idea: "Traveling to a new country? Find out about the local online marketplaces and save expenses." @guyklr @taikaish love to hear more about why you guys built this and how people are using it so far...
Guy KellerMaker@guyklr · CS Student, TAU
@benln Thanks Ben, happy to hear you like the map. We started the map a month ago to help people discover useful online marketplaces that are not as well known as Airbnb, Etsy etc. When more startups joined the map, people started to use it for a different purpose - to find local online marketplaces wherever they go. We would love some feedback and cool features that you'd like us to add :-)
Paul Curran@thepaulcurran · Artist/Techie
Looks great! I wish I had it in Paris a year ago! Looking forward to seeing what's next!
Guy KellerMaker@guyklr · CS Student, TAU
@thepaulcurran Thanks so much Paul! Any thoughts on the product? New features you could have used in Paris? :-)
Roy Povarchik@roypovar · Founder at Roy Povarchik
This is so useful! Whenever I fly abroad I try to meet some interesting startups and accelerators - this makes it so much easier!
Guy KellerMaker@guyklr · CS Student, TAU
@roypovar Thanks Roy! Happy you like it. Was the map convenient? We'd love some feedback
Michael Healy@michaelhealyco · Developer, Entrepreneur, Founder
Very cool. Super useful when getting a overview of the startups in the marketplace space across the world. Have you noticed any trends?
Guy KellerMaker@guyklr · CS Student, TAU
@m_chael Thanks Michael! Could you explain your questions? What kind of trends are you referring to?