Map for GoT

An interactive Game of Thrones map to recap all GoT episodes

Map for Game of Thrones has been updated with a lot of features since its launch, 2 years ago. In addition to the app’s staple feature, TV show recap, you can now also review all 5 books in a similar, interactive manner. (200,000+ downloads/4.8 on iOS&Android)
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With the latest update you can now step through all the scenes/chapters of any TV episode or book and enjoy:  - a short summary of the scene/chapter - full description or synopsis  - list of characters in the respective scene/chapter  - the location on the interactive map  - the full transcript (for episodes)  The app is also your handy Game of Thrones lore companion. You can search and browse through detailed information of 600+ locations and 1200+ unique characters. For Season 8, we will be updating the app after each new episode. Episode 2 of Season 8 will be updated shortly ;)

Great app


It's not just a map, it's got interactive recaps of all TV episodes and books.


The UI could use an upgrade

Please release for the browser!
@repsup100 There are some good maps for the browser already. is my favorite.
@repsup100 @lmihai the website is dead probably!
@repsup100 @alphahunter that's strange - it was working a couple of weeks ago...
I LOVE it, it is the best interactive map for The Song of Ice and Fire series. Please help me find it again, it has vanished!