Map Chart

Make a custom map with your own colors and descriptions.

A simple tool that you can use to create custom maps for free.

Choose between the various templates, including the World map, USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and more, and create your own custom map.

Useful for creating maps for presentations, school projects, travel maps, or just for fun.

aside from the blocky interface and banner ads that cover 10% of the screen real-estate, Map Chart seems to be a tool for the casual info analyst that lacks professional graphic design/advanced mapping tools but wants to convey his message. Definitely room for improvement, especially with the UI, but its a good-to-go!
Love the idea! I feel like we can use a map like this
This would have been useful for visualization I've tried to do in the past... Good hunt
This would be so helpful if you could create your own segments on the map. For example, school districts, zoning, target markets, etc.
Nice tool. Also is useful for making map charts.