Stop worrying in situations where you can only share one link. Your Manylink profile displays a curation of URLs that you wish to showcase to your audience, and even allows you to receive business enquiry emails. This makes it easier to track clicks and optimise your link traffic.

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Love the minimalism, @justcruize 🙌 Any plans for custom domains etc. in the future?
@amrith Thanks! Yeah definitely in a future version I'd like to create a business account type with more custom branding, domains and deeper analytics data.
A great new tool thanks for creating it @justcruize - added to my curations. It would be great if we could create a series of Manylinks - sometimes we want to share a different series of urls for different reasons - perhaps you can add that onto your list of possible features to create?
@krishnade Thanks! Yup, do you mean like collections? We have that on the roadmap.👍
@justcruize Great - yes thinking people might want to even share in a Tweet or a post 4 different articles on a topic and this would be hepful as a feature. I am going to add you to an article I wrote a little time ago on how to create a link hub. Loved the useability today testing out your platform - thanks!
@krishnade Good idea. Thanks, send me a link to it once you've updated it.
@krishnade @justcruize could be a nice tool for teachers. Sending links by topics would be a great addition. I like the clean design.
@krishnade @greaterthan1000 Thanks! We are releasing a collections feature in the next version.
Hi @justcruize, very nice idea, would be great to make some type of widget to include links on user site. I will definitely use this.
@gorelics Cheers! that would be a good addition. I'll put it on our roadmap 👍
any example link to understand how it works?
@justcruize love this. I would like to have the possibility to insert a short bio. Hope it will come soon! ;)
@filippogin Amazing! I like your profile. Bio's are in the next release.