Are you an online marketer? Or you just need to spread your information to a large group of people? ManyChat will help you build a Facebook Messenger bot easy and fast, just connect it to your account! That way you can expand your audience and grow your business. It has all the tools needed to engage and boost your subscribers!

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Hey Product Hunters – It’s Mike from ManyChat, and today we are excited to launch ManyChat for Messenger! ManyChat allows you to create a Messenger bot without coding to engage your audience. I know what you are thinking – “Another bot pitch?”… Yes. But we are different. We launched on Telegram 9 months ago ( Since that time we have grown to power over 155'000+ bots that send out over 600M messages every month. Our main focus is on helping you engage your audience with features like: ✅Interactive Broadcasts ✅Scheduled Posting ✅Subscriptions ✅Keyword Automation … and much more We believe that messaging apps are going to be the next channel for content consumption and for audience engagement and we are helping creators and non-technical people leverage this platform. We are taking everything that we have learnt on Telegram to create the best visual bot builder for Messenger. Happy to answer any questions here or you can reach me directly at Short tutorial: How to create a Facebook Messenger bot without coding [5 mins]
Made with ❤️ Mike
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LOVE using ManyChat for bots. It's the fastest way to do it. 🔥
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This is such a simple and effective tool -- and Mikael's expertise from Telegram is a huge advantage!
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@chrismessina so proud that you hunted us! Thank you!
Congrats on all the fast growth on Telegram and being early on FB messenger. Keep up the good work Mike & team!
@diana_moldavsky thank you! #500Strong
Hey Mike! Seems like you got easy-to create interface for broadcasting messages from brands. But what's the difference between ManyChat and Chatfuel?
@myakov great question! CF guys have built an awesome tool, but we are more focused on audience interaction and believe that our tool is easier to use.