Manus VR

The first consumer VR glove.

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Two weeks have passed since the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It's was an amazing event for Manus VR and we've received a lot of positive reactions. Here is the after movie of Manus VR at the GDC 2016: Thanks to Florian Koch for filming.
Full armtracking on the HTC Vive. Through inverse kinematics you are able to experience an even higher level of immersion.
Pillow's Willow is a VR demo where we show the benefits of using your own in hands instead of controller in VR.
Manus VR unveils the design for the developer kit of the first consumer virtual reality glove. The development kit will be available for pre-order in Q2 this year and scheduled to start shipping in Q3 2016. The price of the development kit will be 250 euro. This includes a pair of gloves with integrated, washable electronics. It will include a USB dongle that allows for extremely low latency, less than 5 ms. The developer kit also includes two wrist mounted holders for the HTC Vive controller. These allow the Manus gloves to take advantage of the extremely precise Lighthouse positional tracking system.