Get an email notification instead of building a backend.

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Hi! I'm Miles, a web and iOS developer in Boulder, Colorado. I built an mvp to gauge interest for an idea of building easier ways to release new product ideas and iterate before investing time in building a backend. It got on the front page of hacker news, got lots of sign ups, and I'm excited about investing some more time in it soon.
@nowmiles I love the simplicity of this tool and more generally, I particularly appreciate products that help reduce the time from idea inception to creation/validation. What are you plans with ManualViableProduct? How are you planning to improve it?
@rrhoover thanks! Short term plans are to actually build the back end (since there is a real interest) (see a pattern here? ha) and to collect information from the visitor with modals instead of prompts like it's 1996 :) Long term I'm thinking it'd be cool for people wanting to test an idea to have a dashboard of manual requests instead of being unorganized in an email inbox and possibly integrating with hosting / analytics / other startup services. My goal is to take a slow, iterative process with constant communication with the people that are already signed up and are championing my product to see how I can help them best. So we'll see where it leads me, but keeping things simple and fast to set up and get an mvp idea out into the world will always be my goal.
Nice, @nowmiles! I know you just launched but what are the most creative uses of the product so far?
@rrhoover I think most of the people are excited about using it in the coming weeks on upcoming MVPs, but I did have one person wanting to ask his users 40 questions, put it into his spreadsheet that does some calculations, and then email the results back to the user. That's exactly the use case I'm shooting for, but 40 questions over a prompt is a lot of prompts! And I hadn't thought anyone would ask more than 1 piece of info.