Manual Counter

Tally counter with haptic feedback and lists

Perform quick tally count operations using Manual Counter. Counter has wide parameters, includes support for left-hand (for people like me), Haptic feedbacks and Lists.
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Great and simple idea. Any plans to make one for Android as well?
@david_ramalho1 Hi, no plans for Android for now, because I'm an iOS developer with not a lot experience in Android development.
Hello Hunters, I'm glad to present Manual Counter. Perform quick tally count operations using Manual Counter: • Start count right away with a single click; • Manual Counter will remember your last progress; • Configure your Counter with next parameters: Min, Max and Step values; • Save Counters to List; • Group and manage Counters which are added to the list; • Feel the counting progress together with Haptic; • Left Hand mode is available. • Dark mode available exclusively for iOS 13. Nothing more, just a convenient count.
Nice work, only comment would be to ask a verify before resetting a counter as it’s easy to reset it and then you lose everything