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@eric3000 agreed, everything about this launch is just killer. Hey @willw start up a marketing agency while you are it? :)
@dannyjespinoza The most important part of marketing is to act like a little dipshit
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Love the video! – Curious to hear if you are you simply using the new iOS 8 APIs (which I expect most camera apps will implement) or doing anything special besides that. Whatever the case, this makes for a great default camera app.
@marckohlbrugge Yep, the new APIs. I'd wanted to make this app for years and years but you simply couldn't do it without the APIs.
Hey guys, I made this app with my friend Craig Merchant and I apparently like to throw iPhones. Feel free to ask whatever.
Now we're talking. Thanks for building this @willw!
Why did you decide to charge $1.99, @willw, rather than offer it for free? Not that one way is obviously better but I'm curious to hear your reasoning.
@rrhoover I've never released a free app. I could of done an in-app purchase but then I have to make a compromised up-sell version. I want the app to be the best it can as soon as you download it.
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