Manos Accelerator Podcast

Silicon Valley interviews with abundant startup minds

From Silicon Valley we interview rockstar entrepreneurs who share their exact formulas for success in customer acquisition, growth hacking, fundraising, or scaling a company.

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Hello community!! I’m Juan Campos, host of the Manos Accelerator podcast. Manos is the Google Launchpad accelerator focused on Latino founders. We’re tired of seeing a scarcity mindset among institutions in our space when it comes to sharing information and resources. Many incubators, accelerators, and even VC’s have NO interest in empowering any startup that is not in their portfolio. Ironically, we believe that this harms entrepreneurs, the budding startup ecosystems, and ultimately the very organizations that give this cycle momentum. Upcoming startup community leaders should be sharing resources freely, not hoarding them for an elite few. We want to do things differently. Over the last few years, Manos has helped exit a startup and fund more than a dozen porfolio companies. We truly believe the key to this success has been our abundance mindset. Today we are happy to announce our podcast– where we partner with top performers who believe this vision and share tactical and practical formulas for success in: customer acquisition growth hacking fund raising or scaling a company. We don’t put ourselves in gatekeeper positions to keep others from succeeding and we DON'T have goals to stay exclusive. In fact, our motivation is the exact opposite. If you ask other institutions, they’ll tell you that giving resources at scale is crazy... We don't care. We’re doing it every single day. It’s happening through the abundance movement we call Manos. Thank you for your support. If you don't have these startup resources, just let me know and I'll get them to you: 1. +4,800 Tech and Startup Journalists Contact Info 2. +79 Headline Formulas to Increase Your Clicks and Conversions 3. +60 Free Resources to Help You Build Your Startup 4. +2,190 Guest Blogging Opportunities 5. List of accelerators you can apply your startup to 6. The ProForma that Raised $4.5MM 7. Notes from 1 year in Silicon Valley 8. Much much more... To growth! 🚀 -Juan
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Super excited to share this with the world! 😍 KNOW SOMEBODY WHO SHOULD BE ON THE SHOW? Let us know here in the comments!
So cool to be a part of this podcast series with such heavy hitters - let's keep sharing our resources and knowledge!
Love Manos Accelerator and what they are achieving. I was brief mentor before I moved out of state. There impact on the entrepreneurial community is absolutely amazing!
Amazing! I was part of Manos second batch and it changed my life. Entrepreneurs from outside the U.S have a different view of the world. Being able to live and learn from other entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley open your eyes to new opportunities. Keep sharing & keep growing!
@crisgarner Thank you! So great to see the work you're doing in Honduras, Cristian.