Free web-based text/list manipulator and scraper

Sort out your text and data in seconds

Manipulist Toolkit is the ultimate DIY toolkit to solve most of your time-wasting digital text problems.

Do you need to extract only certain lines from a text file or sort each line in alphabetical order? Manipulist can do this and more within seconds!

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Jay@topdownjimmy · Web Developer & Designer
Reminds me of Transformy
Geoffrey Weg
Geoffrey Weg@geoffreyweg · Betaworks, TechStars, White House
Nice! Handy tool for hacks and side projects. Good work @chriscarex.
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
👌 Awesome! Added to:
Christian C
Christian CMaker@chriscarex · CEO @ Engiweb Ltd / Manipulist
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