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I've worked with these guys before (on GoInstant). Killer team, now tackling an even bigger opportunity. Manifold is an easy way to manage all of the cloud services you use when building an app/business online. They handle provisioning, billing, etc. so you don't have to stumble through managing multiple cloud services/providers all over the place. They've got a good stack of services available through them already and more coming all the time.
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@byosko Thanks for hunting us Yosko!
Hey everyone! We've been working on this for a while since we've been building our own apps and have gotten tired of all the extra management that comes from using external developer services. From managing user accounts to getting 5 different bills every month and wondering where all our Secrets are stored, it got overwhelming. We built Manifold to get rid of that headache and to help developers focus on writing code rather than managing services. We are launching with an amazing first set of services today, each one has integrated their user management, service management (and access via SSO) as well as provisioning. You can do it all right from the Manifold dashboard. We'd love to hear any feedback. Happy hunting!
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@jevon super promising! Can't wait to see the growing list of integrations :)
@jevon Very cool - definitely a problem we struggle with regularly @Vidyard. Are you doing much around permissions management (yet)? With a big dev team, it's really difficult to manage who should have access to do what.
@guypod Thanks! There are a lot of others that will going live in the coming months.
@devongall @jevon we previously built permission management for our command line app Torus, and while it's not implemented just yet for Manifold we will be bringing orgs and fine-grained access controls for your services. Stay tuned :)
@jeffandersen @jevon Very cool - thanks! I think the excitement of having our finance team leave me alone is enough, but permissions management would really be a game changer (especially in light of compliance stuff around SOC, etc).
Looks super simple to use. Will admins be able to add sub-accounts in the future?
@mvrekic it's definitely on our roadmap! Our product today is targeted at individual developers but we're definitely thinking about how we can make this easier for teams to use, and we'll be iterating towards that once we nail the developer experience. :)
Really been great working with you all. Great to see your progress and I'm looking forward to what's next!
@johnpwillman thanks John! it's been great working with you as well ❤️ 🦈
Love Torus by this team. Looking forward to trying out Manifold now, services management has always been a pain.
@maybecolin thanks Colin, let us know if there are any services you'd like to see on Manifold