An anthem celebrating process, for makers.

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Chase, thanks for the props on this one! This is an entirely new product category for us at Baron Fig, we hope you all dig it. The message in the Manifesto is personal for me. Here's a quick excerpt from the page: "This is an accidental manifesto. Over the last several years I kept an evolving list of principles in every notebook, rewritten on the inside of each front cover. As time went on insights were gained, and I added to and edited the list accordingly." You can check out the rest of the story on the page. Enter SIGNIT at checkout to get your print signed. Thanks!
@joeycofone hey joey, i didn't see the "SIGNIT" code you noted here. i saw the "GETSIGNED" on twitter and that didn't work.
@marcuscoh Good Q! The code GETSIGNED went out in our email, it was only valid for a few hours. SIGNIT will be valid all day today. Hope that helps!
@joeycofone thanks! you guys hooked me up! :)
We're happy getting this out there, summarizes our experience with making. Hopefully helps a few others out there as well in the PH community!
Just in time because I just filled up my third Baron Fig notebook. Thanks @joeycofone and @adamkornfield for creating this!
@howillia Thanks Hayden! Glad you're liking your notebook!
@howillia Hayden, glad to hear it. Thanks for the props!
Love it! Great job, guys!!
@nu_menon Thanks, Anu!
Love this idea/product/design, and you know that it's quality coming from the Baron Fig team!
@gregmschwartz Greg, thanks for the good words. Totally appreciate it. :)
@gregmschwartz Thanks Greg! Hope things are going well with @joinstork, love what you and the team are doing!