Mango Message

Send a message. On a mango.

Give us a message, and we'll give them a mango. Send a custom message, handwritten on a mango to ANYONE. Tell us what to write and where to send it, and the customized mango will be on its way. Use code PHUNT for a Product Hunt only discount!
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Hi Collin, I’m Sabba and I made pigeon mail - for me it would be really nice to see a photo ( not photoshopped ) version of what the mango with a message on it will look like. I can see you have gone to a lot of effort with your site, but you could improve your imagery.
Can we see a real life example ? Not photoshopped..
I live in Miami, where mangos are a staple. I thought that it would be great for people around the country to experience such a great fruit with a fun twist. I wanted for people to express themselves in a fun way, so here we go!
Amazing idea :D
Now go on Shark-Tank.