The first simple online payment solution in Latin America

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Pablo Sanchez@pablosanchez · CEO, Mango
Thanks for the post! Mango CEO here. Let me know any questions you may have about our product!
Sabrina Majeed@sabrina · Mobile Designer at BuzzFeed
This is great and much needed — from what I understand many of the major players (aside from PayPal) don't yet support Latin America and most of their internationalization efforts begin in Europe because it's easier. Which LA countries are you underwritten in and how was that process different from underwriting in European/Western countries? Also, are there specific company sizes or particular industries that you're targeting as you are starting out?
Pablo Sanchez@pablosanchez · CEO, Mango
@sabrina thank you very much for your question. As you said, many players don't support LatAm yet, and there's a big reason for that: LatAm market is WAY different from those in North America and Europe. Besides language barriers, the culture of payments, banking practices, legal and financial bureaucracies and taxation are just some of the things a foreign player has to deal with and unfortunately most of them give up early in the process. For us, dealing with that is much easier because we've grown with those market rules. We're in Argentina and have a roll-out plan starting in 2015 for Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile. We're focused on mid-to-big-sized companies that need a professional, PCI compliant, and easy to integrate solution. But, on top of our API there's a bunch of sub-products that can be created for a more massive audience, of course.
Sabrina Majeed@sabrina · Mobile Designer at BuzzFeed
@pablosanchez awesome. Are you guys based in Argentina or from there and thus familiar enough with the economics? I'm glad you guys are doing this and good luck!
Pablo Sanchez@pablosanchez · CEO, Mango
@sabrina yes, we're based in Argentina and have really good advisors and contacts that provide deep insights about the region as a whole, making it easier to run a project like Mango. Thank you for the kind words and let me know anything we can help you with!