Create the perfect website for your indie game ๐Ÿ‘พ

ManaKeep is the first website builder made for indie game developers. Designed to be very fast at both creating and updating a website, ManaKeep also includes tools to let indie devs sell their game, build a community and track the stats important to their success.

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Hi everyone, I am one of the founders of ManaKeep, the website builder for indie game developers. We spent a little over 3 years creating the service so are pretty excited to be announcing it on Product Hunt today! A few key features: - includes core features game sites need such as news, forums and media galleries - full ecommerce system so you can sell your game through your website - stats dashboard to track metrics important for your game (sales, downloads, devices, etc) - easy to add effects popular on AAA game sites like parallax and animate on scroll Happy to answer any questions and would love to hear your feedback =)
@nazgum What a cool idea to focus on this niche! Love the name, and it looks great.
@imakestrides thanks =)
Really nicely done, I made a small gaming site for a friend of mine a few years ago and I had a hard time finding a nice starting theme. This would have been perfect, I'm sure you've just made the day of lots of indie game devs. Congrats!
@liammckay thanks for the comments =)
This is amazing. I love the community feature. Thanks for creating. Will be sure to share this across my network.